GP Sorensen® Diesel

The Fuel Injection Expert

The Fuel Injection Expert

GP Sorensen® Diesel offers thousands of diesel parts in hundreds of diesel categories. And many more around the corner.

Premium Diesel Parts from the Fuel Injection Expert

The Evolving Diesel Engine

Diesel engines have come a long way since the mid-90s. The key to diesel’s evolution has been the advancement of new clean diesel technologies. Today’s advanced renewable diesel fuels have built on the diesel engine’s and emission control system’s near-zero emissions across all applications. Plus, these fuels enhance diesel performance, maintain efficiency over other energy sources, and ensure long-term suitability for sustainability goals.

Vehicle MPG the current Government CAFE standard is calling for by 2025

Gallons of diesel saved by heavy-duty diesel trucks from from 2007 to 2015

Expected diesel share of U.S. Passenger Car/Light Truck market by 2020

The Most Comprehensive Diesel Program in the Aftermarket

The Most Comprehensive Diesel Program in the Aftermarket

To account for the burgeoning diesel market, GP Sorensen® has fully invested in diesel. Today, GP Sorensen® Diesel offers thousands of diesel parts in hundreds of unique diesel categories, and we’re a basic manufacturer in most of them. GP Sorensen® Diesel is committed to supplying professional technicians with comprehensive coverage for genuine diesel parts, which is evident from our extensive offering of new and quality-remanufactured products.


Superior Medium-Duty Coverage

GP Sorensen® is proud to provide an extensive offering of premium replacement parts for medium-duty applications. Our line features more than 300 diesel engine management SKUs for medium-duty trucks and counting. 


Advanced Diesel Engineering

Diesel Fuel Injectors

We're proud to offer a line of new and remanufactured diesel injectors for an array of diesel applications. 

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Diesel Turbochargers

With more than 50 diesel SKUs covering over 6 million VIO, our line features both 100% new OE-quality turbochargers as well as quality-remanufactured turbochargers with OE-quality components.

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Diesel Fuel Injection Control Modules

Our FICMs are remanufactured using our 100% new, upgraded power supply, which distributes heat more evenly and keeps diodes and other critical components cooler to prevent the failure that can occur in competitors’ units.

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Diesel EGR Cooler Kits

Our upgraded 800-97001 diesel EGR cooler design solves the OE issues of clogging and leaking, which means properly cooled combustion and extended lifespan of the EGR valve, engine valves, and head gaskets.

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Diesel High Pressure Oil Pumps

Our extensive remanufacturing process includes a complete teardown of the pump, the addition of new critical components, leak checks and thorough testing to ensure a superior, long lasting pump.

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