Diesel Glow Plugs

Diesel engines use compression to induce combustion, unlike gasoline engines, which use spark plugs. When diesel engines are cold, however, compression is enhanced by the introduction of a pre-heater, known as a glow plug. Once activated, the glow plug, which has coiled wiring in its tip, flares up and emits an intense electrical heat that warms the combustion chamber and assists compression during a cold-start. It can also be used for post heating, which can improve fuel and emission performance. With GP Sorensen’s Diesel Glow Plug installed, startup time will be reduced. Plus, when the engine does start, there will be less smoke and reduced emissions. That’s because our glow plug has an improved tip design.

  • glowplug1jpg

    High-grade, corrosion-resistant material prolongs longevity during engine peak performance. 

  • glowplug2jpg

    Heating coil located closer to tube for faster response. 

  • glowplug3jpg

    Dual-coil design draws less current, which reduces power consumption and extends battery life. 

  • glowplug4jpg

    Improved cone design reduces detonation and post-heating time.