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GP Sorensen® offers thousands of diesel parts in hundreds of diesel categories. And many more around the corner.

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Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Injector Replacement

In this video, our master technician shows you how to install a fuel injector on a 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel engine.

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Not All Diesel EGR Coolers Are Designed the Same

The Benefits of 20 Spiral Tubes

For diesel EGR coolers, the original equipment EGR cooler’s fin-and-tube-style design is prone to clogging and leaking. Additionally, many aftermarket EGR coolers feature various tube designs that do not provide the necessary cooling. Providing a superior alternative to both designs, we are proud to offer a diesel EGR cooler with an upgraded 20 spiral tube design.

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How to Replace a Fuel Injector Seal Kit

In this video, our master technician shows you how to replace a fuel injector seal kit on a Honda 3.5L engine. 

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Engineering Spotlight: Greenville, SC

As Standard Motor Products celebrates being in business more than years, the company is proud to design and manufacture a majority of its parts in its own facilities around the world.